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UC10.241, Diagnosis Module Industrial Power Supplies 124 mm DIN Rail Mount, PULS

Арт: 300-25-952
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  • Арт: 300-25-952
  • Наименование: UC10.241
  • Производитель: PULS
  • Доп.наименование: Diagnosis Module Industrial Power Supplies 124 mm DIN Rail Mount
  • Склад:
    Изображение товара дано только в качестве иллюстрации. См. спецификацию продукта (pdf)

    The DIMENSION UC-Series are buffer modules utilizing Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), commonly known as Ultracapacitors or Supercapacitors They can bridge power failures or voltage fluctuations and supply voltage to the DC 24 V bus for a certain period, which allows for a safe shut-down of the system Regulated Output Voltage in Buffer Mode Short Charging Time, Unit is Rapidly Back in Ready Mode The buffer modules are maintenance-free and have a similar lifetime expectancy as power supplies Output is Decoupled from the Input to Separate Load Circuits into Buffered and Non-buffered Sections The wide temperature range from -40;C to +60;C makes the unit suitable for many applications Supports PC-Mode Function Технические параметры
    • Series: UC Series
    • Suitable for: Industrial Power Supplies
    • Depth/mm: 117
    • Width/mm: 126
    • Height/mm: 124
    • Power Supply Accessory Type: Capacitor-Based DC-UPS
    • Mounting Type: DIN Rail Mount
    • Protection rating: IP20