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4550, Gas spring 16-2 600 N/262 mm, Germany

Арт: 154-52-644
4550, Gas spring 16-2 600 N/262 mm, Germany
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    Gas spring Семейство Gas spring 16-1/16-2
    Gas springs are used for counter-balancing, damping or as a safety release in a wide range of different applications. This gas spring is characterised by even damping characteristics with low force increase, slow extension speed and low weight in relation to the force developed by the spring. The gas spring is easy to install, and different fixture types allow for a wide range of installation options. Typical applications for gas springs include counter-balancing and damping of hatches, doors or covers for various vehicles, for furniture like drawing boards, beds and chairs, and for windows and shutters, etc. Технические параметры
    • Ход: 262 мм
    • Длина: 294 мм
    • Резьба: M6
    • Усилие: 600 N
    • Диаметр: 18.5 мм
    • ø вала: 8 мм
    • Температура, мин.: -25 °C
    • Температура, макс.: +60 °C
    • Температурный диапазон: -25...+60 °C
    • Модель: 16-2