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93 291, Макет, Fischertechnik

Арт: 110-34-882
93 291, Макет, Fischertechnik
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    Изображение товара дано только в качестве иллюстрации. См. спецификацию продукта (pdf)

    These and other elementary questions from the areas of mechanics and statics are answered by this building kit with the aid of 20 different models. With comprehensive building instructions and educational accompanying booklet. Семейство Profi Mechanik & Statik
    Technical construction kit for future machine builders, technicians or engineers
    Functionality of gearboxes, planetary gearing or windscreen wipers
    Construction explanation of a stable bridge Технические параметры
    • Язык: ger fre eng
    • Срок эксплуатации: From 9 years